Young Lakes, Yosemite, CA

Our weekend in North East Yosemite was clear and warm – and up hill.  We did a quick in and out from the Soda Springs trail head on the East side of Toulome Meadows, pushed ourselves 6.89 miles to the Young Lakes some 2000 feet above The Meadow and tucked beneath the prominent Ragged Peak.  There we rested, read, fished (with the wrong fly?), and enjoyed the beautifully crystal clear water and quiet peace of the high Sierra lake.  The following day we woke to the brisk morning air and spectacular sunrise over the mirrored lake, packed our bags and traversed back down the hill another 7.02 miles, by way of Dog Lake, back to the car.

It was a whirlwind trip, but well worth the 9 hour travel time.

Climbing trees is a necessary part of fly fishing


Average speed 2.3 mph : (Flags/waypoints indicate trail junctions)