Berkeley Mushroom Hunt (Our Introduction to Mycology)

Today we explored the science of mycology – or fungi.

Photos from the walk

Our very first Berkeley mushroom hunt has led to a few things:

  1. A high amount of contact with poison oak with our feet,
  2. Several instances of collateral damage to the local Banana Slug population,
  3. An overwhelming ‘earthy’ smell throughout our house,
  4. The purchase of a $30 book titled, Mushrooms Demystified by David Arora in an effort to educate ourselves before our next outing.

We think, in our infancy, we were able to identify at least ONE of our collection of Berkeley mushrooms as a Russula. (The one with the red cap)

Also, because of their supposid commonality, we think we found at least one Chanterelle – but the jury is still out.  Here’s it our assortment of fungi splayed for identification..

Current List of Mycology Links:

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