Green Hive Fungus

Green as in bad, not socially responsible.

Green – inside and out.

I pulled off an empty deep I had on my hive and evaluated the frames to find a plethora of green fungus on each frame. After looking over each frame I scraped them clean of comb. Since this hive box and it’s parts are second hand, many of my frames were drawn which I thought would be useful, but much of it was old comb, apparently not useful.  However, because they’re plasic frames with plastic foundation removing the comb was easy enough. Following the inspection of all the auxiliary frames I removed the bottom-board under my screened bottom, and added a raised and screened telescoping-top. Hopefully these two changes will help with circulation, ergo less fungus. Shortly after cleaning the auxiliary deep box I examined the main brood box where I found another few frames with the fungus on them. Then I was stung (butt in the air, constant buzzing.. does that mean something in bee? Cause I’m pretty sure the gal acting funny was responsible for the jihad.. oh well.)

Seems like the best I can do is switch out old drawn frames with old scraped frames. I don’t have any new supplies to speak of. Fortunately, my colony isn’t very large, so they’re primarily focused on the three or four middle frames and I had very few bees on these outer ‘contaminated’ frames and removing them is easy.  However, there are signs of fungus on the corners of the inner inhabited frames too. I’m concerned.

I'd like to know more about this unappealing hive-guest.

Q1: Anyone know what fungus this is, so I can merge my mycological interests with my apiary interests?

I've only inspected the empty frames… I fear further infestation.

Q2: How clean do I need to get these frames before I can return the deep to the hive? (scape, rinse, rinse w/ vinegar, rinse w/ bleach, trash)

Half Cleaned – Need I wash each cell pocket too?

Q3: Is this a sign of bees ignoring the excess box/frames, or a hive-wide problem?

We all want a healthy hive.

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