Sledding in Arnold

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As the film says, “don’t worry, we’re awesome.”

On Saturday we woke up in Stockton and drove East in search of snow. We found it some 40 miles later when we came through the Orvis Cattle Co. Ranch Property. Yet, we pushed through because it just wasn’t cold enough. Up through the foothills we sped. Then we got pulled over, given a warning, and the remainder of the day was spent at reasonable speeds until we arrived in the sleepy town of Arnold.

In Arnold we stopped at the Humane Shelter Thrift Store, stocked up on things we didn’t need, like a rock tumbler – sweet! and then over to the local ACE where we acquired a shovel and blue disc. Then up into the neighborhoods looking for the perfect runway (with parking). After dotting about the whole town we finally pulled into a development with large threatening signs for visitors to stay away. It was here that we made our camp for the afternoon.

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It was here, we sledded.Thus, the film.

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