Language Learning (From the Archive)

In 2009 my good friend, 蛋糕, was kind enough to collaborate on an exciting and difficult a cappella project. With the meager tools we had at the time and our genetically limited vocal range, we threw all we had at this temperamental art project.  Like many of our ideas at the time, the song began to develop around our foreign disposition within the big red goose. By the time we had hammered out a general tune and enough lyrics to sustain our creative thirst we’d stepped right into the competitive language learning market and, by my scale, came out better than expected. So go ahead and plug this one-take a cappella-draft in between your NoRain and Free Fallin’ road trip exercises and you may find yourself learning a little language and culture.


Original song and lyrics are filed under it’s original published date: 2009-07-06