The $5 Braun MP80

Since our recent relocation, Kira and I have been filling our space with things. We’ve opened boxes, that had been sealed for years, to revile in our pasts and have scoured the internets for giveaways that may help us fill the empty space. We’ve visited junk stores and high-end retailers. I’ve spent most of the time being a grump about overpriced overseas plastic products and Kira has made sure to allow me my requisite geocaching interludes as we have crisscrossed the city.

Among all the options for buying ‘new’ things, we’ve come to find that there is one form of used purchasing that seems to sit well with us. The estate sale. It’s a no-pressure, make me an offer, cultural time machine of an experience. The products are immaculate, meaningful, and interesting. We’ve acquired bits and pieces of our home that were once a beloved part of someone else’s home, not just the discarded junk from the dorm. Our can opener, a runner, a tin cup that is the kid-brother to my beloved camping cup (photo), American Flag pins, and the $5 Braun MP80.

Now normally I wouldn’t be too eager to pick up just any MP80. From my days of coming home for lunch during the summer, after hours of waterpolo practice, and flicking on the tube to get my 45 minutes of rest in, I’ve been a devoted follower of the Jack Lalane. His enthusiasm, energy, and the practicality of the machine really sold me. I’ve never owned one, nor even used one, but the daily info-mercial told me it was a good decision and I’ve stuck to that advice. That is until my good-buddy ChadlyD gave me some advice. ChadlyD Everybody! Mr. ChadlyD didn’t go with the Jack Lalane. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked him about his decision making skills, but he maintains that the Jack Lalane simply doesn’t hold a candle and I needed to get out there and explore the  world for what it is, and not what television wants me to think it is. Humbled, I had to agree.

So here I am, in a home that is on the edge of the Pacific ocean, filled with the debris of change and the ensuing sale and I’m looking for a can opener and maybe a bread knife, because we don’t have those yet, and what do I find? A supercharged MP80, clean and ready to go. A small green sticker was affixed to the device that read, ‘juicer $5.’ Twenty minutes later I had two American Flag pins and a new power tool and I think the video tells the rest.

2 responses to “The $5 Braun MP80”

  1. Now thats some good looking juice. I have a feeling this is going to go for a million+ on you-tube.

    You know, when we first started selling the Juice Tiger people really didn’t know how to eat nutritiously.. but now, well, you’re juicing green stuff and ginger. I’m really proud of the two of you.

    Hell, had I not died last year, I would be there now drinking that crap with you. Even though you’re not using my favorite, the Power Juicer, that Braun is the next best thing.

    And remember: if it tastes good, spit it out.

    Your friend,

  2. Initially, I was intrigued by your choice to try and “juice” lettuce. Seems to be more of a purree and not an extraction of the liquid content. Then, I couldn’t help but feel as though I was watching a scene similar to what may have occurred at Jonestown or with the Heaven’s Gate folk. Here, drink this… it’s good for you.
    Thankfully, it ended nothing like the two aforementioned events.