Ankle Injury

This is a new ‘category’ for me to be writing in, “Injuries” seemed like the best way to keep this piece squared away and would serve as a nice medical history.  Who knows what will come next.

As for the ankle, turns out one bad step doing something totally un-exciting and I’m out of the game for 8-52 weeks. :(

While installing some cable conduit at a place I’ve been a million times before, I jumped over a shrub (that was full of spikes) in order to get to a path that was on the slope beyond.  At my landing, with hands full of supplies, my left peg didn’t hold up as it usually does and a horrific pain and ‘pop… pop’ reverberated through my skeleton. I was confident that I’d snapped my bones and let out a terrible sound.

Andrew, working nearby, picked me up and walked me inside.

Good news is, the bones are in good shape.. look at ’em glow! Bad news, the ligaments take a long while to recover. So, here’s to accelerating the whole event.