Here’s a brief film from some on the water filming for the Santa Cruz Yacht Club on Sunday with a new compact ultra-short focal-length waterproof camera.

Don Juan Productions U.S.A. is online

After years of patiently negotiating with domain distributors, we’ve finally landed and have established our online presence. While our complete portfolio is not yet averrable online, we are working with developers to create an effective tool for our viewers and clients.

We hope you enjoy the available films and we look forward to publishing from our archives soon.

If you are interested in our production services or licensing any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to Don Juan Productions. 

Cleaning The ACBA Observation Hive

Observations in cleaning a vertical ‘observation’ bee-hive. This particular hive is located in Oakland, California and belongs to the Alameda County Beekeepers’ Association (ACBA).

*note the lack of required protection when interacting with the hive. No smoke was used and only a few veils were necessary to use.