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  • I Went Surfing by Bike… how novel.

    I Went Surfing by Bike… how novel.

    Now I think I can count as a local.

  • MAH Race Through Time – Santa Cruz Scavenger Hunt | 2016

    MAH Race Through Time – Santa Cruz Scavenger Hunt | 2016

    In the spirit of Geocaching, The Riverside Bicycle Club suited up for the 2016 “Race Through Time” sponsored by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. We did pretty well, considering it was a last minute team & we didn’t study, nor did the team really want to ride very fast. Even still!, we […]

  • Riding Hohhot, Nei Meng, China

    Here’s to riding bikes. & in HD on YouTube

  • Riding Bikes Past Wineries

    November held out for us and produced a wonderful fall day for which we went bicycle riding through and about the peace of Healdsburg’s wine fields. A Map Photos & More

  • Nappa-Calistoga Ride

    The Nappa to Calistoga ride route as noted by my Garmin GPS: Note the location of our turn around is at a delicious restaurant in Calistoga called Sarafornia.  It’s on the main drag and hard to miss.  They’ll serve you a great deal of water for filling your bottles to get back on the road along with […]

  • A Bicycle

    After a few months of planning and shopping, followed by about a month of assembly, I’ve finally completed it. MY NEW BICYCLE! Comprised of both new and used parts. I’ve put together a solid Soma Double Cross light touring frame, capable of any all out race I chose to engage in. [Used Portion: frame, pedals, […]

  • My Bicycle Pedal Question – Answered

    I suppose I know the answer to the question, if I’ve kept all my documentation. However, if memory serves me right, my documentation of what pedal type I own is sitting in Tucson, in a box, labeled bicycle parts.. or maybe in the Mojave with all my tools. I suppose that’s the problem with being […]

  • November Ride = Exhaustion

    Today I finally ventured out into the cold of Colorado for my first bike ride since driving my little road racer 1,200 miles from California on the back of the Volvo. Dawning my Chinese riding pants and socks, I also made sure to put on my sleeved Mizell Racing jersey because of weather. I packed […]

  • Berkeley to Palo Alto

    The basic plan for the day: Berkeley to Palo Alto, California Post ride evaluation: This is not the Best route one could have taken to get from SF to PA, however, it wasn’t bad.  At one point the bike lane vanished and the road was essentially a freeway on/off ramp and it was necessary to […]

  • The Route!

    I finally got the route off the gps and online!! Cycling China For the full GPS file, us this URL: More so, each post now has the daily GPS route accompanying it’s text.  Soon I hope to have routes on MapMyRide too.