MAH Race Through Time – Santa Cruz Scavenger Hunt | 2016

In the spirit of Geocaching, The Riverside Bicycle Club suited up for the 2016 “Race Through Time” sponsored by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. We did pretty well, considering it was a last minute team & we didn’t study, nor did the team really want to ride very fast. Even still!, we pulled into several stops before any other team and got to half the stops… we’ll do better next year. Now that we have a cheat sheet!

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England 2010

Two and a half weeks on the English island has created quite the impression on me.

Somewhat purposefully, we avoided the hub of this country, London, and pursued adventures in the South West and as far North as Edinburgh, Scotland, truly appreciating the significant cultural differences in the land of our national heritage.

Starting out on August 13th, we departed a cold grey California and arrived on the 14th to a rainy grey England and immediately began driving on the wrong side of the road. Our jet lag was severe, yet Grant’s G-Dub GPS kept us suitably entertained as we drove West to where we’d be parked for the next few weeks.

Contented with our time in the Salisbury countryside, we poked about the area, seeing the magnificent cathedral, the multitude of henges (and hedges), like Stonehenge and Woodhenge, and the ruins of Old Sarum, the castle.  We attempted to track down various English geocaches and perpetually came up empty.  We saw the sights of the English West Country, visiting close cities like Oxford, Bath, and Boscombe Beach as well as hiking through the local hills exploring the unique landscapes and interesting historical and cultural presence hidden in among the wheat and grass.

Then we boarded our train and headed North. Through the haunts of York and then along the coast, across the border, and on to Edinburgh for a Tattoo performance from around the world, a puppet show of immense supremacy (from a fringe act), and just enough beer and scotch to remember where we were. Truly spectacular.

Soon after, Tripp and Karen departed to Ireland and we boarded our train south, back toward Salisbury.

It was wonderful to see in just two and a half weeks how much Kelly and Rory were learning and growing.  It was great to feel the stress and chaos of family.  And even though we greatly overstayed our Benjamin Franklyin visitation rights, I’m glad we spent the time with Grant and Evelyn.




Our Little Journey Map

2010 – England

GC24WVY: Stumped on Panoramic

The Short of It:
At a peaceful corner of Panoramic,
where blackberries grow their ticket,
and foxes find time to den.
Here the quiet begins.
So stop at the stump and sign your name
and perhaps to rest for a bit.
Then continue north on who’s road is the same,
to the Rectangle in the Pavement.
Run, walk, or bike this route,
these caches well connected,
find and sign them all.
Spectacular views should be expected.

The Long Description:

Enjoy this nano cache along The Panoramic Hill

By foot:

If you ascend from the Berkeley Main Campus/Football Stadium, expect a fun climb up a set of 300+ stairs that take you to the top of Berkeley & Oakland.  If approaching from the South – Clark Kerr Campus, here’s to your glorious ascent up the grassy and poorly footed trail.  (there’s also a very nice tail that starts on Centennial Drive just past the Hass Club House.

By bicycle:

It’s rigorous, but well worth the work out.

By car:

Good luck and be safe.  15 mph, one lane roads, unfriendly drivers, and difficult parking.

No matter what, this is one great spot for photographs and sunsets, and of course, geocaching.

— — — — — — — — —

— — — — — — — — —

The Hints & Spoilers:

Cache #1

Hint 1: The downhill side

Hint 2: n/a

Cache #2

Hint 1: #110140199 Panoramic

Hint 2: N 37° 52.161 W 122° 14.676

— — — — — — — — —

GC24WVY: #110140199 Panoramic

* UPDATE: Still there – but listed under GC24WVY as multi-cache.  Update posted here: GC24WVY: Stumped on Panoramic

A.K.A. Rectangle In The Pavement.

Cache is a magnetized nano.

Enjoy this nano cache along the Panoramic Hill Climb – A set of 300+ stairs that take you to the top of Berkeley & Oakland.


Here it is online @


Find it on your own with the coordinates:

N 37° 52.161 W 122° 14.676


And Of Course, Here’s A Spoiler Photo

GC24EX7: Laguna Lawn Bowlers – California


In a park for any seeker to find,
near bowls of the uneven kind.
For the games you could play,
and for the beach you may stay.
your toes be kept in mind.


soon to come

full of fun

while she sits at work

and does her work

this will remain undone

More Info:

Enjoy this cache’s proximity to the unique game of Lawn Bowling.

As they say:

“It is a cure for care, an antidote for worry,
it includes companionship with friends, social ability
and opportunities for courtesy, kindliness and generosity to an opponent.
It provides not only physical health but moral force(ility).”

In a camo pill bottle. BOYP. Beware of muggles and enjoy the sights of the park. Rockpile surf break is straight out from this find, and on a sunny day with some swell, it provides some great entertainment.


Here it is online @


Find it on your own with the coordinates:

N 33° 32.623 W 117° 47.505

GC24AXY: Fisherman’s Cove – California


In a dandy sepulcher by the sea,
is where this geocache be.
and it’s not a prank,
when we say you should thank
E.B.Moritz Foundry


This beach of sun and glee,
basking in line with the sea.
And our little package of fun,
spends days with it’s companion,
Mr. E.B.Moritz’ Iron Foundry

Cache is in a camo pill bottle. Once you’ve found it have a look about and smile at the neighbors who are excited to see you visit. Hopefully you’ll enjoy visiting one of Laguna’s quieter beaches. Watch out for the ever present muggles.

BYOP or stamp. Please report any issues and well fix it promptly. Cheers!

Here it is online @


Find it on your own with the coordinates:

N 33° 32.731 W 117° 47.737


And Of Course, Here’s A Spoiler Photo

GC23M12: Rocks & Spikes – California

Sitting at a comfortable 26 cache finds in three states of the union we felt it really was time to start contributing.

So we crafted a little ‘box’ of sorts out of some scrap redwood that we had sitting in the basement.  Sanded a little plug out of some other redwood and rolled up a log sheet and popped it in.  All together it took about six minutes.  Easy as pie!

Then Kira got home from work and we went on an exploratory walk of the neighborhood in order to find the perfect first hiding spot.  Someplace we’d like others to see because we’ve received joy from it too.  And.. that’s the sun set.  We hope you enjoy this find.

Here it is online @


Find it on your own with the coordinates:

N 37° 51.971 W 122° 14.644


And Of Course, Here’s A Spoiler Photo

GC22Y57: Steps to Sinton – Colorado

Here we are with 9 finds under our belt and a fast growing following within the house hold.  Before I know it everyone’s gonna be hunting around with little computers in their hands and I’m gonna loose out.  It’s time I take the next step.  Hiding one of these little buggers.

It’s not hard, there are rules, kind of… really there are only a couple and they’re really straight forward.  But, alas I forgot to read them all carefully.  AND we placed our too close to another cache, though I do say our’s is a much better cache.  In fact, YOU be the judge.  Below are two spoiler photos.  You tell me which one is cooler.. I won’t tell you which one is mine.

Cache 1 Or       Cache 2

Okay.  Now that you’ve got that all figured out, here are the facts you need:

Here it is online @

(this cache will likely never be published because of it’s proximity to another cache, so consider it a Secret Cache!)


Find it on your own with the coordinates:

N 38° 53.009 W 104° 50.034


And Of Course, Here’s A Spoiler Photo