Category: Hides

  • GC24WVY: Stumped on Panoramic

    The Short of It: At a peaceful corner of Panoramic, where blackberries grow their ticket, and foxes find time to den. Here the quiet begins. So stop at the stump and sign your name and perhaps to rest for a bit. Then continue north on who’s road is the same, to the Rectangle in the […]

  • GC24WVY: #110140199 Panoramic

    * UPDATE: Still there – but listed under GC24WVY as multi-cache.  Update posted here: GC24WVY: Stumped on Panoramic A.K.A. Rectangle In The Pavement. Cache is a magnetized nano. Enjoy this nano cache along the Panoramic Hill Climb – A set of 300+ stairs that take you to the top of Berkeley & Oakland. BYOP Here it is […]

  • GC24EX7: Laguna Lawn Bowlers – California

    His: In a park for any seeker to find, near bowls of the uneven kind. For the games you could play, and for the beach you may stay. your toes be kept in mind. Hers: soon to come full of fun while she sits at work and does her work this will remain undone More […]

  • GC24AXY: Fisherman’s Cove – California

    Hers: In a dandy sepulcher by the sea, is where this geocache be. and it’s not a prank, when we say you should thank E.B.Moritz Foundry His: This beach of sun and glee, basking in line with the sea. And our little package of fun, spends days with it’s companion, Mr. E.B.Moritz’ Iron Foundry Cache […]

  • GC23M12: Rocks & Spikes – California

    Sitting at a comfortable 26 cache finds in three states of the union we felt it really was time to start contributing. So we crafted a little ‘box’ of sorts out of some scrap redwood that we had sitting in the basement.  Sanded a little plug out of some other redwood and rolled up a […]

  • GC22Y57: Steps to Sinton – Colorado

    Here we are with 9 finds under our belt and a fast growing following within the house hold.  Before I know it everyone’s gonna be hunting around with little computers in their hands and I’m gonna loose out.  It’s time I take the next step.  Hiding one of these little buggers. It’s not hard, there […]