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  • SAR Practice

    SAR Practice
  • SAR: The Forrest of Nicene Marks, Santa Cruz, CA

    SAR: The Forrest of Nicene Marks, Santa Cruz, CA

    Hi PoppaBob. Since we don’t usually get a lot of positive news from our search and rescue endeavors, I thought we’d share our morning hike with y’all which, SPOILER ALERT, ended with everyone home safe. Kira and I enjoyed a 4 AM phone call this morning for Search and Rescue which meant Kira had to…

  • Super Cool Climbing/SAR Belt

    Super Cool Climbing/SAR Belt

    Well.. I’m kind of bias. But you should check out the details here:

  • SAR: El Dorado Search

    SAR: El Dorado Search

    The search was uneventful, but the scenery was beautiful.

  • SF Sailboat Delivery

    SF Sailboat Delivery

    Howdy PopaBob, Yesterday I sailed from Santa Cruz to San Francisco. Hilary, friend of mine asked if I’d help her and her dad move their boat, a Sydney 38 race boat. It’s regularly in a slip here in Santa Cruz, but they’re participating in the Spinnaker Cup next weekend, which goes from San Francisco down…

  • SAR Cave Rescue

    SAR Cave Rescue

    Howdy PoppaBob! (and family) I’ve been watching Fishermans Cove’s Geocaching Logs – lots of visitors, some less adept at the skill than others, but all seem to be enjoying the challenge. Plus, word seems to have spread about the everpresent ‘GrandPa’ who’s looking out for wayward searchers. The disappointment of those who don’t get a…

  • The Ashley Book of Knots

    The Ashley Book of Knots

    Clifford W. Ashley: The Ashley Book of Knots

  • Pinnacles National Monument

    Sunday we set out to hike 14 miles with a 20 lb pack in Pinnacles National Monument, California, USA. We ended up in a bit ‘deeper’ than anticipated. Here are the technical logs. Photos and writeup to come. Download 2012-02-19 Elevation Map (PDF) Off trail elevation & distance estimate (Above) Our total route (Below) &…

  • First Official Business

    The phone rings at 4:30 AM. Or did it? This time is reserved for John, Kira knows that and she has to scratch my head or sing me songs to warm me up to opening my eyes. Kira’s in Santa Cruz until Friday, so there’s no one to warm me up this morning. My phone…