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John's First Full StashWhere & Why & With Whom?

Well… sometimes it’s important to your health to be just like your friends, and sometimes it’s important to be different. Sometimes you want to change who you are, sometimes you want to enforce where you’ve come from. This is one of those times. – John

I think that about sums it up.

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iPhone OtterBox Tether

As a climber, skier, sailor, my do-dads and such are persistently at risk for departure from my person and as such, I can point to where I last saw my last knife and the approximate height a certain pieces of electronics can tumble and still function effectively. Experiments aside, I have become an individual who …

To Colorado & Home Again

For Kira, we headed out to CO for the week. Enjoying some adventures along the way, backpacking and climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park, then turning around and heading home, with a few more adventures.  What a nice trip.


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