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  • Questions for a Biologist

    A number (12) of little orange ant looking things were walking about on my cactus one May day in 2007.  Surprised at the sight of these new critters I photographed them in hopes that someday someone would tell me what they were. Just this weekend a biologist friend of mine “JD” visited and I finally […]

  • Geocaching – The Old Pueblo

    Tucson, Arizona, USA Just to keep our selves busy, we went for an evening walk and then a morning adventure with friends and family.  A few in the park and a few on the University campus just before a delicious breakfast at Joels.. now that’s the REAL cache! Caches Found: GC1XQCQ: CWB-Himmel Park Library GC1XTZP: […]

  • Movin on.

    and now, we’ve gone. Gone from Colorado Springs and on our way to Tucson. From there to Orange County. With our final destination by the end of next week, Berkeley, California, where we’ll finally drop our bags for a stay of more than a few months. Thanks to Colorado for the hospitality, the beautiful weather, the reasonably […]

  • Links of interest

    In a quick search I found two sites to contain a host of locations I’d enjoy visiting. Let me know if you decide to go! and Let me know if you’ve got any other good sites.

  • Dan’s Task List

    Dan gets all the fun.. His last night in Tucson Kira sets up a dinner and a potluck of a scavenger hunt down 4th ave. Dan accepts, Dan performs, Dan cuts some corners, but we’re several drinks in and no one can figure out his magic. Dan buys the next round. Dan wins at pool […]

  • The Snuggie Review

    Kira & Tara share the mic. Tara not so much, Kira a little bit much. Who’s that in the background, won’t you be quite? Where is this girl from, someone get here a gig – or at least a snuggie.

  • Thanks to Coconino & Gila Search and Rescue, Chad, Jon, Steph, Pat, Family, Friends, everyone…

    (Original Post w/ enlarged photos) First of all, let me send a large Thank You to Coconino Search and Rescue, Chad, Jon Clark *clap *clap, Steph, the U of A TSO, Pat & his mom, Family, Friends, everyone… & thank you to everyone who’s put themselves out this past week thinking of Kira and I. […]

  • Mongollon Trail Blazer

    A days hike slowly comes to an end. After a trek up the side of the ridge in near-white-out conditions, comes a 10 mile straightaway through the continually falling snow. As the snow piles along the road and my boots become heavier I take a moment to reflect on my thoughts. Video currently located on […]

  • Fly Fishing.

    5 AM rolled by without anyone noticing. Then 5:30. Then four minutes later I woke up in a mild panic. I was suppose to be ready at 5:20 and I wasn’t. I paced a bit, looked out the window into the black night. Subtle porch lights created weak shadows across the street, otherwise there was […]

  • Clear Water Creek

    Sweat was dripping into my eyes again. I think my eyebrows were broken, I don’t sweat this much from my face. At about 5,800 feet Ryan and I had finally reached a flat portion of trail, ascending from the creek below which sits at approximately 3800 feet according to my Topo. Quietly we walked over […]