Category: China

  • Riding Hohhot, Nei Meng, China

    Here’s to riding bikes. & in HD on YouTube

  • Podcast: Running Hills

    A short and dizzying film running on the hills north of Hohhot, China Enjoy In HD on YouTube:

  • Podcast: A Chinese Mine

    From the Archives, I present a short story – A Chinese Mine.  A couple of waiguorens in northern China explore an abandoned mine.. obviously hilarity ensues infront of the live audience. Cheers.

  • Here’s to Fairness

    A special note on Chinese Democracy & Fairness. We produced a stellar video: For a competition that they created: In order to develop free marketing for their school (which they still use): The competition developed: *PICTURES TO COME SOON* And then we were disqualified: … I’m not bitter. I’m still disappointed…

  • When ‘Pick Me Ups’ Don’t Work

    I present, from the archive and in the raw, the answer to “Why didn’t you just punch John?” …because sometimes you just need to punch something, and you understand the that there is no answer to “Why didn’t you just punch John?” Happy Thursday Everybody.

  • I’m Still Looking

    I’m searching, but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for… A month ago I walked into the Rainbow Sandal Factory in San Clemente, California and felt my heart break and a deep resentment settle into the pit of my stomach.  Rainbow Sandals, forever made in my local burb of San Clemente, had finally…

  • The United States of America

    Finally Home.  There is a lot to talk about.   Oh lord it’s nice.  Thanks for letting me back in.

  • The Route!

    I finally got the route off the gps and online!! Cycling China For the full GPS file, us this URL: More so, each post now has the daily GPS route accompanying it’s text.  Soon I hope to have routes on MapMyRide too.

  • Hong Kong

    We’ve arrived in Hong Kong. – there’s more to say, but I fear I’ll fall asleep. Attempting to recall as much as I can now… standby – there was… a bus ride & an honest taxi driver, sunrise, an argument, a breakfast, our bikes, the 1-2 change-up in the middle of the train station, failures,…

  • Xiamen

    Today’s ride was 50 km out of Chongwu along the coast. It was quiet, sunny, beautiful.. well, better than no coast, and a wonderful ride to ‘end’ with. Into Quanzhou we hopped a bus and went straight to Xiamen. In Xiamen we shipped our bikess, via rail to Shenzhen and called up our couch surfing…