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  • No Surf Board, No Guitar, No Camera, No Bueno…

    Jon never did get his balsa surf board. First it was price, then it was accessibility… it´s too bad. Today we gave up on guitars as our visit to the Vogel factory proved the guitars no different in price or quality to those in the US. This morning I found that between leaving the hostel […]

  • To Quito with a companion

    An Ausse WWOOFer that we had breifly met in Vilcabamba, Beq is doing an around the world trip that makes me just a little jellous, while at the same time thankful that I get to go home in two weeks. While in Cuenca Jon and I had hailed a cab in front of a café […]

  • Annals of the Amateur Afroasiatic Explorers’ Association, Inc.: Force x Direction = …

    As it was brought to my attention, I feel that this blog be brought to your attention. The writing is great and this article .. fun. Get some KFC and read away. Annals of the Amateur Afroasiatic Explorers’ Association, Inc.: Force x Direction = …

  • A Picture of Us

    A Picture of Us

    Just a Couple of Bums Tuminuma: This is where we enjoyed our Ice Cream and waited for the bus to Quinara.

  • First Pictures from Bananas.

    First Pictures from Bananas.

    The First Public View of The Jo(h)n´s in Ecuador: John Sits by Candle to Read The Economist,   …while Jon plays and sings.  

  • En Ecuador

    In Ecuador ver Gracias!

  • Finally two knobs in the shower!

    10 hours of travel and three buses over, we´re off the farm (the farthest south we shall go on this journey) and in the third largest city in Ecuador, Cuenca. After almost three weeks of lying about, gardening, hiking, and building a bridge, we´re ready for some new sites and sounds and panama hats! Back […]

  • ¨No Se Puede Mostar La Página¨

    ….our first internet cafe computer screen reads.. so we´re forced to move on, but it´s still by far the best internet cafe I´ve ever been in. Easter Day – We´re still on the farm, la finca, but Yesterday morning we started the day milking cows – a good wholesome farm activity – but caught a […]

  • Rubber Boots and a 24 inch Machete, $11.

    We finally made plans to leave Montañita and travel onward… just as we started to get to know this this new English Girl who moved in next door. Oh well. We hopped a bus, bags up top, and got to Guayaquil. From Guayaquil Jon was in charge and we headed south to Vilcabamba – a […]

  • 8 Hours to burn online – but not much to show for it.

    We bought a load of Internet time to use here in Montañita in the next 12 hours, so we´re trying to pound through it…. thus the frequent blogging. Today we left town – which was nice. Jumping onto a bus south we traveled about 4 Km into a town that we´re not really sure what […]