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  • Mermaid In The Alabaster

    Mermaid In The Alabaster

    After two and a half years of compiling and editing and working through the nuances of printing a book, Mermaid In The Alabaster, Beverly Joy Mosier, AKA, GrammerBev’s autobiography is finally published. Available on Amazon (which costs me a few bucks to sell through) OR through our her own storefront, both paperback and digital copies […]

  • Red & Green

  • Rescaling GrammerBev’s Old Knife

    Rescaling GrammerBev’s Old Knife

    During a visit home, just before the 2015 new year, I was summoned by my mother into the hallway of my grandmothers house. Lots of interesting artifacts and memorabilia hang on the walls in this hallway and I was curious if there was a new addition I was to inspect, or perhaps an interesting anecdote […]

  • The Holidays

    The Holidays
  • So Long Pop

    James Elsworth Mizell. It was a good run. You’re deeply missed.

  • Scot takes on The Mizells

    Several months ago Kira had arranged for her dad to come out and visit us in the Bay Area. After we’d figured out when he’d be coming out, we decided to put him to the test. Could he handle the Mizell Clan? This past weekend he took the test and passed with flying colors. Through, […]

  • England 2010

    Two and a half weeks on the English island has created quite the impression on me. Somewhat purposefully, we avoided the hub of this country, London, and pursued adventures in the South West and as far North as Edinburgh, Scotland, truly appreciating the significant cultural differences in the land of our national heritage. Starting out […]

  • The Basement Build

    Finally a post about the progress on our new space. The basement! Started way way way back in 2006. Then it was just a clean, cement floored, spacious, basement where no one went unless they wanted to do laundry. AND NOW. It’s a dirty, saw-dust floored, cluttered, basement level where no one goes unless they […]

  • Living as a Californian – Genealogy

    In seeking answers regarding roots Andrew and I spent the morning looking into our genealogy, trying to dig deeper than what we already knew from PoppaBob & Grammer Bev and Jack & Marguerite. After a few hours of guessing and checking, Andrew finally came across a scanned copy of a book by Bancroft about the […]

  • Calaveras Big Trees

    A short, and somewhat farcical, snowshoeing walk through Calaveras Big Trees California State Park. From Berkeley, it was about a three hour venture and we took about five, stopping for breakfast, and then again for lunch.  But once we arrived, strapped on our shoes and started walking through the massive trees, literally, it was just […]