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  • Language Learning (From the Archive)

    In 2009 my good friend, 蛋糕, was kind enough to collaborate on an exciting and difficult a cappella project. With the meager tools we had at the time and our genetically limited vocal range, we threw all we had at this temperamental art project.  Like many of our ideas at the time, the song began to develop […]

  • “Merry Christmas From The Family” (The Christmas Duck)

    —–“Merry Christmas From The Family” (The Christmas Duck)——- Deep down in Colorado way back in the mountains beside a bubbling creek long past the the doe and buck There lives a stubborn lady a woman to be avoided a lass who could cause a ruckus where misfortune runs amuck Ten years to this Christmas day […]

  • Footwear Scenester

    —-Footwear Scenester—- I got a pair of chuck taylors and some stripy socks My toes stretch to seven when I’m cruising the blocks My knickers pulled high, my flappers above the thigh you may even think that I’m that magic guy. But I’m not, but I’m not I’m a scenester player, from the eighties or […]

  • Christopher’s Birthday

    Hooray! A celebration! My Apogee Duet arrived! My Grado SR80 headphones arrived! My microphones, microphone stand, microphone cables, … they all arrived. AND it was Christopher’s birthday.. and thus, a song arrived too! …pictures to come…

  • An October Contest – Jon’s Submission

  • An October Contest – Dan’s Submission

  • An October Contest

    A contest was organized, the rules were clear and concise.  The deadline was October 22nd, but flexible. As stated: 3 minutes Lyrics and music Topic: cutting grass Required words: apple sauce, cuticle, & macadamian Deadline: Tuesday October 20 Here was my entry:

  • Yurtistry, with Dan and John

    A short trip into the northern glasslands of China with our visitor Matt. We arrived, set up in a yurt, went out for a ‘ride’ on some horses, returned to find our things disheveled by some sheep, moved yurts, ate some dinner, wrestled some mongolians, played with some cows, chased some chickens, drank, watched the […]

  • Evening Recording Session

    Rain poured down all night and into the morning. Our plans for a massive mountain bike ride was heavily diluted and we sprung onto plan B. Dan and I rearranged the house a bit and I moved my queen bed into the ‘lobby’ as dan dismantled his and took ownership of mine. Only one broken […]

  • Project Inventory Blowout

    It’s important, Dan says and I agree, to keep inventory low and maintain our project momentum. This project has been on the shelf for about a month now, collecting dust, requiring a great deal of polishing, and weighing down our All American Creativity and Freedom Balloon Ride Festival. Therefore, in order to save resources and […]