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  • Have You Been On The Cave Train?

    Yes. We have. And it’s great and hidden. What are you waiting for. Don’t read this. GO FIND IT!

  • John Van Gough?

    Could it be?

  • Sheriff John Mizell & the Notorious Cracker Boon Mizell

        References of Note: Florida Crackers Boon Mizell – Cracker Cowboy

  • Quick Chicken

  • So Long Pop

    James Elsworth Mizell. It was a good run. You’re deeply missed.

  • And so the conversation went like this:

    “Another email address John?” “Yeah, pretty fancy eh?” “But what’s this business all about? Did you buy another domain in a half-baked social-manipulation money-making scheme?” “Well, kind of. I suppose it’s called government. Unfortunately, someone already beat me to the punch and the market is saturated.” “Is that suppose to be some kind of political […]

  • Telecom John

    Without fail, even if your standing on our deck, waving your hand in the air, standing on a box, wearing an tin foil hat, if you’re using your cell phone, your call will be dropped.  It is one of the most frustrating parts of my day.  As I look at one of the country’s largest […]

  • This excites me…

    Yes.. Awesome!

  • I’m Still Looking

    I’m searching, but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for… A month ago I walked into the Rainbow Sandal Factory in San Clemente, California and felt my heart break and a deep resentment settle into the pit of my stomach.  Rainbow Sandals, forever made in my local burb of San Clemente, had finally […]

  • Airline Collusion

    It’s not enough that the government’s TSA is a bunch of fear mongering, power hungry, jack-asses, who recently mandated I preregister my name, DOB, and gender with airlines in order to “cooperate with the TSA to introduce Secure Flight, a federally mandated program designed to help enhance the security of domestic and international commercial air travel […]

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