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  • Here’s to Fairness

    A special note on Chinese Democracy & Fairness. We produced a stellar video: http://blog.johnmizell.com/2009/03/31/recruitment For a competition that they created: http://blog.johnmizell.com/2009/05/29/vote-for-hohhot In order to develop free marketing for their school (which they still use): http://www.astonrecruiting.com/hohhot-aston.html The competition developed: *PICTURES TO COME SOON* And then we were disqualified: http://blog.johnmizell.com/2009/07/05/taking-my-leave … I’m not bitter. I’m still disappointed […]

  • Taking My Leave

    After some discussion with my employer, it’s been decided I will take three weeks of leave prior to starting my bicycle trip through south China.  I think this will ultimately be good. – and that’s the news.

  • August Update.

    We’re closer to knowing our specific plan for the end of our stay here in China and as you may know it involves two bicycles (or one tandem bicycle), close to 2000 km of Chinese road, and my mustache with the possibility of a penguin suit or many multiples of dozens of California Flags. Here’s the scoop: […]

  • On the Road & Website Migration.

    In preparation for a month on the road I’m migrating my webposts to something which is accessible online. While I still have one month to prepare for this reality, I will be blogging from the new site in the mean time in order to break in the new system and work out all the kinks. […]

  • Vote for Hohhot.

    Aston Corporate has finally put it’s pieces together and erected a live voting site for the various recruitment videos regions have put together. Remember ours, way back at the end of March? Here’s another look if you’ve forgotten. Now we’re going to need your Honest To Goodness Opinion and a couple clicks with a pointer […]

  • A Library

    Sitting in the office Wednesday afternoon, I was watching Los Super Campeones. Matthew approached me and asked if I wanted to truck up to Erdos on Thursday to deliver some books to a school with him and some other Aston staff. I thought it sounded fun and agreed. He then informed me we’d be leaving […]

  • The Weekend Begins Again

    As the weekend begins agin Dan and I reflect on a job done. We have yet to find out if our boss actually received the video or has watched it, however, it’s not important. What is important is that we’ve begun brainstorming our next projects and they’re going to be substantial. Using our daily experiences, […]

  • Recruitment

    We were asked to do some recruitment for Aston-Hohhot. So we looked into it and here were the terms: Make a recruitment video for the Hohhot branch of the company as a tool to recruit new teachers with. It was to be a competition. (the other schools had know about this for months already) First […]

  • Recruitment Audio

    Audio from our Recruitment video. For your pleasure.

  • English School Blues

    At the end of last weekend, I was enthusiastic and motivated to tackle new challenges and build on old strengths. After this past week of travel and the weekend of teaching that followed, my motivation and energy for the sport has suffered. This past weekend was a series of unplanned lessons, increased class sizes, botched […]