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  • Bees!

    Check our photo album for first days. Our New BEES! This one’s named Kira… and so is this one… We’ve acquired the beginnings of our beekeeping adventure, including the adoption of a small, yet ‘strong’ colony. Here’s the story & what we’ve got: 2 deeps, 2 supers, inner-cover, telescoping top, screened bottom, ‘waste-tray’, stand, strap, 20 […]

  • A Wak With Bernie.

    walking with bernie and Kira A beautiful, extensive, and long winded walk through the Bay Area on Saturday … http://blog.johnmizell.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/2010-02-06-Bay-Area-Walk.kml was followed by a purchase of a rad little scoot-about.