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  • SwarmTree-SwarmTallTree

    Friday was suppose to be good.. comfortable.. it was sunny, clear, I could see the crisp skyline of Oakland and The City. The Golden Gate Bridge posed perfectly as the framing to the Pacific. I was computing, seriously computing. Sitting on the deck, legs up, shades on, computing furiously getting THIS site back into working […]

  • Seeking The Queen-Bee

    The sun peeked out this afternoon after a solid week of rain and we decided to open up the hive and see how the bees are adjusting to the move. By external observations I’m seeing the bees return with pollen, previously orange, I found this lady with white pollen. I wonder where she was playing? Unfortunately, after […]

  • Berkeley Mushroom Hunt (Our Introduction to Mycology)

    Today we explored the science of mycology – or fungi. Photos from the walk Our very first Berkeley mushroom hunt has led to a few things: A high amount of contact with poison oak with our feet, Several instances of collateral damage to the local Banana Slug population, An overwhelming ‘earthy’ smell throughout our house, The purchase […]

  • Bees!

    Check our photo album for first days. Our New BEES! This one’s named Kira… and so is this one… We’ve acquired the beginnings of our beekeeping adventure, including the adoption of a small, yet ‘strong’ colony. Here’s the story & what we’ve got: 2 deeps, 2 supers, inner-cover, telescoping top, screened bottom, ‘waste-tray’, stand, strap, 20 […]

  • Scot takes on The Mizells

    Several months ago Kira had arranged for her dad to come out and visit us in the Bay Area. After we’d figured out when he’d be coming out, we decided to put him to the test. Could he handle the Mizell Clan? This past weekend he took the test and passed with flying colors. Through, […]

  • The Basement Build – Episode IX

    Episode IX is focused on the installation of our beautiful second hand oak floor.  It’s remarkable to see how much closer this whole project appears to be finished with just the addition of flooring. I think now my back and knees are both ready for a little break.  I was also hoping this whole process would end […]

  • Yard Berries

    Found on the slope of our Berkeley/Oakland yard, they looked unique. Black/Dark Blue in Color, Soft, Sweet-Neutral Taste – Not Bitter, Many Seeds Within Each.  Low Lying Bush – No Thorns. What is it?

  • GC24WVY: Stumped on Panoramic

    The Short of It: At a peaceful corner of Panoramic, where blackberries grow their ticket, and foxes find time to den. Here the quiet begins. So stop at the stump and sign your name and perhaps to rest for a bit. Then continue north on who’s road is the same, to the Rectangle in the […]

  • The Basement Build – Episode VII

    The seventh in a series of episodes chronicling the progress of the basement through recorded media. Episode seven, “Get The Lead Out,”  frames the acquisition and renovation of a acquired second hand solid wood five-panel door.  This episode also marks the four year anniversary of the project, showing the significant delays as well as the great accomplishment […]

  • The Basement Build – Episode VI

    The sixth in a series of episodes chronicling the progress of the basement through recorded media. This longer episode, episode six, “Vacation For Some,” is an observation of accomplishment when the crew is geographically split. Follow the series to see how it all comes along, and when it will ever get done. Featuring Music by […]