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  • Riding Hohhot, Nei Meng, China

    Here’s to riding bikes. & in HD on YouTube

  • A Bicycle

    After a few months of planning and shopping, followed by about a month of assembly, I’ve finally completed it. MY NEW BICYCLE! http://gallery.johnmizell.com/main.php?g2_itemId=6619 Comprised of both new and used parts. I’ve put together a solid Soma Double Cross light touring frame, capable of any all out race I chose to engage in. [Used Portion: frame, pedals, […]

  • My Bicycle Pedal Question – Answered

    I suppose I know the answer to the question, if I’ve kept all my documentation. However, if memory serves me right, my documentation of what pedal type I own is sitting in Tucson, in a box, labeled bicycle parts.. or maybe in the Mojave with all my tools. I suppose that’s the problem with being […]

  • Berkeley to Palo Alto

    The basic plan for the day: Berkeley to Palo Alto, California Post ride evaluation: This is not the Best route one could have taken to get from SF to PA, however, it wasn’t bad.  At one point the bike lane vanished and the road was essentially a freeway on/off ramp and it was necessary to […]

  • We’re off!

    And we’re off!  Out of Hohhot.  It’s been a good stay, but it’s time to see something else of China.  So put on your glasses and get out your map, because you’re going to need to keep up with us this time around.  Access to the internet will also help out a bit.  We’ve posted […]

  • First Days Back in the Saddle

    It’s been a long time since I’ve sat, studied, cared. It’s good to be back. It’s good to see people who are excited to do well, to interact with people who are intelectual, to ride my bike to campus with purpose instead of just because that’s all I know.