Tag: Bicycles

  • Xiamen

    Today’s ride was 50 km out of Chongwu along the coast. It was quiet, sunny, beautiful.. well, better than no coast, and a wonderful ride to ‘end’ with. Into Quanzhou we hopped a bus and went straight to Xiamen. In Xiamen we shipped our bikess, via rail to Shenzhen and called up our couch surfing […]

  • August Update.

    We’re closer to knowing our specific plan for the end of our stay here in China and as you may know it involves two bicycles (or one tandem bicycle), close to 2000 km of Chinese road, and my mustache with the possibility of a penguin suit or many multiples of dozens of California Flags. Here’s the scoop: […]

  • Bicycles! (from the past)

    A long while back Dan and I bought some bicycles. Two ‘very nice’ in-town single-speed cruisers. They had baskets and racks and petals, that stayed on for the first week. We used and abused those bikes. I think myself more so than Dan. My bike was borrowed a number of weeks ago and still has […]

  • Bicycles, Fiddles, & the Life

    Let’s see, since creating the wondrous Ji’nan video things have fallen silent. I contracted a cold after that thorough week and have yet to fully recover. Dan and I have settled deeper into our routine and lifestyle. We’re working diligently on producing another short film for those of you following the podcast. We deeply apologize […]