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  • Nappa-Calistoga Ride

    The Nappa to Calistoga ride route as noted by my Garmin GPS: Note the location of our turn around is at a delicious restaurant in Calistoga called Sarafornia.  It’s on the main drag and hard to miss.  They’ll serve you a great deal of water for filling your bottles to get back on the road along with […]

  • November Ride = Exhaustion

    Today I finally ventured out into the cold of Colorado for my first bike ride since driving my little road racer 1,200 miles from California on the back of the Volvo. Dawning my Chinese riding pants and socks, I also made sure to put on my sleeved Mizell Racing jersey because of weather. I packed […]

  • Orange County Triathlon 2009

    This weekend, Mizell Racing entered 7 members into the Orange County Triathlon and everyone completed it! More Pictures on Tripp’s Page Official Results (< link) Tripp Mizell 2:46:54 Grant Mizell 2:59:37 John Mizell 2:43:07 Dan Tuttle 3:02:34 (Mom-Swim, Karen-Bike, Evelyn-Run) Relay Team 3:12:34 My Splits Place: 25 Over All Place: 300 Bib#: 487 Name: John Wave: […]

  • The Route!

    I finally got the route off the gps and online!! Cycling China For the full GPS file, us this URL: http://blog.johnmizell.com/man-uploads/gpslog/2009-08-23-china.kml More so, each post now has the daily GPS route accompanying it’s text.  Soon I hope to have routes on MapMyRide too.

  • Hong Kong

    We’ve arrived in Hong Kong. – there’s more to say, but I fear I’ll fall asleep. Attempting to recall as much as I can now… standby – there was… a bus ride & an honest taxi driver, sunrise, an argument, a breakfast, our bikes, the 1-2 change-up in the middle of the train station, failures, […]

  • Xiamen

    Today’s ride was 50 km out of Chongwu along the coast. It was quiet, sunny, beautiful.. well, better than no coast, and a wonderful ride to ‘end’ with. Into Quanzhou we hopped a bus and went straight to Xiamen. In Xiamen we shipped our bikess, via rail to Shenzhen and called up our couch surfing […]

  • Chongwu-Zhen

    Arrived into Chongwu dead tired. Day 14 City riding, early aggravation, slap on the wrist, head wind, horns, hot, ink blot roads vs. the colors of garbage, anger, McD’s, more horns, departing the highway, horns, headwinds, hot, quiet, shade, horns, arrival, walled city wives, “women shi work here” on the pier, dinner guests, sleeping with […]

  • JiangkouZhen Arrival

    In or near a city called JiangkouZhen, near Putian. We’re both very tired. Very Tired. 2009-08-12 Fuzhou-Putian On MapMyRide.com Not a lot to write about today, except that today was the most draining of all the days for me yet. Sun-burnt, I woke up grumpy and then we left Fuzhou, rode through a congested and […]

  • The Facts About Camping in China

    An article I intend to write someday.

  • Cycling Photo Album

    Cycling Photo Album

    The best I could put together with a bit of late night time in the WangBa.  I’ll have more photos in the album soon enough.  Unfortunately, the GPS logger is not willing to talk with a stranger, but I got my camera to connect and backed up photos onto a (now heavily virused) flash drive. […]