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  • Fuding (with caveats)

    Arrived into Fuding last night after a long ride, 79 km, up hill, well half the time. 2009-08-10 Fuding-Fuding On MapMyRide Escaped Fuding, shirtless cycling, tea fields, muddy roads, beautiful waterfalls, horrid hill-climbs, tea fields, water buffalo #3, 4 & 5, stone mills, up & up, village lunch & once over, turned around, scenic downhill ride, […]

  • Typhoon Delays

    Typhoon still sitting atop us here in Fuding, China. I’m eager to get a move on, but at the same time eager to enjoy my ride and not push myself through mud and muck and high levels of water. This morning, the water level in some parts of the city was at about one foot. […]

  • In Fuding

    FUDING, China Knee braced and ready, Traffic, 1-tire, Made-in-China, Head-On, Lost, Detour, Moving with Traffic, Traffic Breakdown, Speed Racer, Keep on Keeping on, Rain, Hills, Brake Failure, Fuding. Woke up yesterday feeling better after our days rest. I dawned the sock style knee braces I picked up, we packed our bags and got on our […]

  • Into Wenzhou

    I was going to title this “First sight of the pacific” but, I forgot that Chinese cities do their best to limit your perception of where you actually are. So I have yet to see any water larger than a city canal. On Day 4 we departed Shaoxing for Tiantai.  This was a 144 km day followed […]

  • Arrived Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province

    After 280 km we’ve pulled into a comfy hotel room here in Shaoxing. A grey grey city. The ride so far has been quite varried.   Day one out of Shanghai was confusing as we meiandered quite a long way off track.  Fortunatly we kept our heading correct and eventually encountered the correct road.  We took […]

  • In Shanghai

    Arrived into Shanghai last night at 11:45 PM and got to sleep on our first couch by 12:30 AM. By 9 AM we had picked up our bikes and by 10:30 we enjoyed the first signs of what was to come, a massive rainstorm that flooded roads and stopes the. It in it’s tracks. Another […]

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  • A Photo Full of Awesome

    A Photo Full of Awesome

    Because this photo can stand on it’s own.

  • Cycling on Monday

    Cycling on Monday

    Couch surfers showed up promptly in the morning, four of them.  A bit surprised, I had confidence they’d turn out to be good ones.  So far, they are.  After getting them all settled Dan and I dawned our outfits and loaded our bags.  Today we’d make another test run, this time not for time or […]

  • Chinese Cycling Information

    Chinese Cycling Information Plans, Links, Pictures, Updates.  A living document if you will, living vicariously through both this site and other sites which we update. The Plans Notes: This plan is being continually updated and contains our comprehensive travel plan including map links, points of interest, routes, alternate routes, contacts and hosts, and any other information […]