Over the past month I’ve been trying to manage my plethora of domains and sites within these domains, making it easier for folks to access the things they want without needing to click through pages I create just because I find them to be purdy.  After mentally detailing how I could construct such a system that would then have the longevity to be efficient, as my last few attempts at maintaining a site have failed, miserably.  I have finally got something that everyone, it seems I talk with, can get behind.

Here’s how it will work.  Domains I buy will stay splash screens, while sites I create, just for giggles, go under their own sub-domain.  That way they can come and go as they please.  I’ll attach all personal info to johnmizell, while all project based info to  Right, simple, you say.  Yes, I agree.  However, doing the data transfer is a bit more harrowing, including tiny bits of recoding, and a whole lot of luck, making sure I don’t screw something up as I move ALL my sites around.  My track record is not very good.  Yet, this morning I successfully accomplished the complete move of to in it’s complete form.  And that’s a step in the right direction.  So, now, use as your portal to keep up to date on what’s new, and when you find a project site you really enjoy, don’t be afraid to bookmark it, because it’s not going to change any more!  HOORAY.

The End.

On the Road & Website Migration.

In preparation for a month on the road I’m migrating my webposts to something which is accessible online. While I still have one month to prepare for this reality, I will be blogging from the new site in the mean time in order to break in the new system and work out all the kinks. The neat part is I’ve also migrated all of my previous blog entries, and some of the comments onto the new site (minus those found in these posts.) Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have all of these posts migrated as well, as well as the new podcast address up and working.
That new site is the root of this one. Simply
*modified from theCalifornias to
The Chair Pagoda of Hohhot

Q) Why did you move away from Blogger in the first place?
A) Blogger is unreliable in China. When we first arrived it was blocked, then it was allowed again, and now it’s blocked again. So rather than mess with email posts and frustration with media uploads I moved to the computer based iWeb platform. It worked well enough, minus a couple of SNAFUs I enjoyed using it.
Q) Why are you changing sites again?
A) As noted in the message above, I want to be able to update my site while on the road. I cannot do that using iWeb, so I must migrate to a new system.
Q) What system are you using? Where is it?
A) I’m using a server-side client called WordPress. It’s a blogging platform that is widely used and supported. While I only have about 2 weeks expierence working with it, it seems like a robust program that may in fact replace my use of iWeb in the future. However, only time will tell.
Q) How did you get to be so awesome?
A) Practice.
If you’ve got any other questions, or see an errors I don’t seem to be fixing, let me know.
(Photo: A Pagoda of Chairs I constructed as part of my children’s English lesson)