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  • blog.JohnMizell.com

    Over the past month I’ve been trying to manage my plethora of domains and sites within these domains, making it easier for folks to access the things they want without needing to click through pages I create just because I find them to be purdy.  After mentally detailing how I could construct such a system […]

  • On the Road & Website Migration.

    In preparation for a month on the road I’m migrating my webposts to something which is accessible online. While I still have one month to prepare for this reality, I will be blogging from the new site in the mean time in order to break in the new system and work out all the kinks. […]

  • Currently Updating at thecalifornias.org

    For close to daily updates while in China, look here: http://john.from.thecalifornias.org/that_of_China/that_of_China.html do enjoy.