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  • Pinnacles National Monument

    Sunday we set out to hike 14 miles with a 20 lb pack in Pinnacles National Monument, California, USA. We ended up in a bit ‘deeper’ than anticipated. Here are the technical logs. Photos and writeup to come. Download 2012-02-19 Elevation Map (PDF) Off trail elevation & distance estimate (Above) Our total route (Below) &…

  • SwarmTree-SwarmTallTree

    Friday was suppose to be good.. comfortable.. it was sunny, clear, I could see the crisp skyline of Oakland and The City. The Golden Gate Bridge posed perfectly as the framing to the Pacific. I was computing, seriously computing. Sitting on the deck, legs up, shades on, computing furiously getting THIS site back into working…

  • Sledding in Arnold

    YouTubeHD Version Here As the film says, “don’t worry, we’re awesome.” On Saturday we woke up in Stockton and drove East in search of snow. We found it some 40 miles later when we came through the Orvis Cattle Co. Ranch Property. Yet, we pushed through because it just wasn’t cold enough. Up through the…

  • Cleaning The ACBA Observation Hive

    Observations in cleaning a vertical ‘observation’ bee-hive. This particular hive is located in Oakland, California and belongs to the Alameda County Beekeepers’ Association (ACBA). *note the lack of required protection when interacting with the hive. No smoke was used and only a few veils were necessary to use.

  • ACBA Observation Hive Cleaning Party

    This 10 minute video features ACBA club members cleaning the club’s observation hive on monday morning. The hive is situated inside with an opening through the wall to the outside. Inside the hive there sit 4 vertical frames sandwiched by plexi-glass. It’s quite an interesting set-up. As the video shows, a more regular cleaning is important to…

  • Seeking The Queen-Bee

    The sun peeked out this afternoon after a solid week of rain and we decided to open up the hive and see how the bees are adjusting to the move. By external observations I’m seeing the bees return with pollen, previously orange, I found this lady with white pollen. I wonder where she was playing? Unfortunately, after…