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  • Caves & Trees

    Caves & Trees

    Hi PoppaBob, Last week Kira and I had a fun weekend in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains. With our friends Kate and Lee, we headed up to the UCSC campus-wonderland for some adventure… I am amazed that anyone graduates from this school… Right off the highway were two caves and a number of tree houses.…

  • Caves & Trees

  • SAR Cave Rescue

    SAR Cave Rescue

    Howdy PoppaBob! (and family) I’ve been watching Fishermans Cove’s Geocaching Logs – lots of visitors, some less adept at the skill than others, but all seem to be enjoying the challenge. Plus, word seems to have spread about the everpresent ‘GrandPa’ who’s looking out for wayward searchers. The disappointment of those who don’t get a…