Tag: Cold

  • The Ice Palaces

    Ice. Blocks of Ice. Piled high. Filled with fluorescents. Designed with slides. This is one fantastic playground! I don’t think I’ve had so much fun running around hand-made ice-structures in my life (granted I don’t know if I’ve ever run around hand-made ice-structures before). This was great and every slide was a blast. Solo, standing,…

  • Harbin Layer Breakdown

    With -16’C temperatures in Harbin, China we needed to load on the cold weather layers. Discussion turned bet, bet turned hilarity, hilarity makes good video, good video makes for beers all around. watch for Dan..

  • Ice Skating Introduction

    Cold. I suppose growing up in Southern California and then moving to Arid Arizona, ice, snow, and cold weather in general is quite a striking environmental condition. The novelty ranks with such greats as bacon on ice cream and getting a job. Through out our stay in Harbin, this naiveté helped to make the weekend…