GC22Y57: Steps to Sinton – Colorado

Here we are with 9 finds under our belt and a fast growing following within the house hold.  Before I know it everyone’s gonna be hunting around with little computers in their hands and I’m gonna loose out.  It’s time I take the next step.  Hiding one of these little buggers.

It’s not hard, there are rules, kind of… really there are only a couple and they’re really straight forward.  But, alas I forgot to read them all carefully.  AND we placed our too close to another cache, though I do say our’s is a much better cache.  In fact, YOU be the judge.  Below are two spoiler photos.  You tell me which one is cooler.. I won’t tell you which one is mine.

Cache 1 Or       Cache 2

Okay.  Now that you’ve got that all figured out, here are the facts you need:

Here it is online @ Geocaching.com

(this cache will likely never be published because of it’s proximity to another cache, so consider it a Secret Cache!)


Find it on your own with the coordinates:

N 38° 53.009 W 104° 50.034


And Of Course, Here’s A Spoiler Photo

Movin on.

and now, we’ve gone. Gone from Colorado Springs and on our way to Tucson. From there to Orange County. With our final destination by the end of next week, Berkeley, California, where we’ll finally drop our bags for a stay of more than a few months.

Thanks to Colorado for the hospitality, the beautiful weather, the reasonably unique people, and of course the great family that will keep me coming back.


Geocaching – Holly’s Pueblo Adventure

Pueblo, Colorado, USA

We drove down to Pueblo for a short stay with Holly before we left town and decided instead of her trying to entertain us, we’d take her out and explore the campus and Pueblo.  This turned out to be a perfect venue for a short visit and a lunch break in the park with a mass of migrating birds was a plus too.

Caches Found:

GC1W34: CSU Tour #4 – Mosquito Falls

GC16GVD: CSU Tour #5 – Up Next

GC14BKF: Back to School

GC16GV6: CSU Tour #1 New Field

GC1M42D: Almost Bullseye

GC16GV8: CSU Tour #3 – Need a Ride?

GC14W0G: Arroyo

GC16PD7: Dead Wood

Geocaching – Day 2. Fer Reals!


After some exploration yesterday we really took hold of this new game/hobby.  So today we got serious, loaded up the GPS with new locations, and not only found eight more easy caches (because we’re still learning) but planted our very own here in town!  We put together a cool looking, twine wrapped, film-canister with some small sheets of paper in it, planted it deep in an urban park in Colorado Springs (just to not spoil it in writing, there are photos of it below), and registered it online at www.geocaching.com under GC22Y57, “Steps to Sinton.”

Kira inspecting a micro-geocache
Kira inspecting a micro-geocache

And of course the GPS Route:

2010 12 12 Geocache kml


Geocaching – Rolling with Anna

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Bridge Town – that’s about halfway through the day, along the river walk and on our way to the RIVERSIDE cache in Colorado Springs, CO.

Caches Found (day 1):

GC19453: X – Show You Mine

GC19454: X – Show Me Yours

GC1VKWM: A Heavy Cache

GC1DKMH: Urban Trails – Sinton Trail

GC195K6: -4 Cheerful Gorilla

GC22QYM: Cache-A-Day: Jan. 8

GC22QYK: Cache-A-Day: Jan. 7


Caches Found (day 2):

GC1JP0X: Tomah Park

GC14GK9: An Angel Watches Over Me

GC19AB1: See Spot Tweet


GCGW4E: Adventurer #2

Geocaching – First Attempts

GC1jnam – FOUND IT!

Our first geocaching experience goes, well, well!

I visited www.geocaching.com, downloaded some spots (little treasure chests on my garmin) and jumped into the car. I don’t have any street maps on my machine so it was all by cardinal directions, yeah, bad ass. But once we were out of the car we pointed our Garmin GPSmap 60CSx and away we went. It took Kira right to the spot. Unfortunatly, we didn’t know that you weren’t allowed to burry things, so we spent some time poking about with a stick in the mucky, snow covered grass, but eventually we just looked up and BAM! there it was. GC1jnam.

Geocaching – Getting Started

It wasn’t Tuesday.  I think it was a Saturday.  It was straightforward.  I connected my brand new GPS to  my computer, downloaded a few way points, and put the GPS in my pocket.  About three hours later, after we’d done our errands for the day, I pulled out the shiny new dodad and looked for a maker near by.  Then I said, “hey, let’s go look for a little geocache… thingie… err something.” and she said, “Okay.”  We pulled the car over and jumped our.  We were at a park.  I take a look at my numbers, it says 300 ft. and we start walking.

Next thing I know we’re at a spot and we’re looking for a something or anther.  Now typically you’d expect a “Bam! I found it.” but the trouble is I didn’t read the rules before I left.  So in keeping with all good treasure hunters, I found a stick and started poking around, looking for soft soil, someplace that looked like it had been tampered with.

A good half hour passed and we hadn’t found anything.  We restarted our search a half dozen times and couldn’t figure it out.  Eventually, we gave up, again.  Started to walk away, then we took one more peek… and there it was BAM! easy. Obvious. Tiny. Interesting.

… and so it began.  Our Geocaching career.

Cache Found:

GC1JNAM: Fremont Park Cache