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  • “Merry Christmas From The Family” (The Christmas Duck)

    —–“Merry Christmas From The Family” (The Christmas Duck)——- Deep down in Colorado way back in the mountains beside a bubbling creek long past the the doe and buck There lives a stubborn lady a woman to be avoided a lass who could cause a ruckus where misfortune runs amuck Ten years to this Christmas day […]

  • Easy 10 Mile Sunday Run

    Staying ready for the Colorado Road Runners Fall Series run, Christopher, Bernie, Kira, Anna, Holly, and I set out for a comfortable 10 mile (optional) run this Sunday evening through and along the SantaFe trail which winds north to south along the foot hills. This particular run took us north out of the city an […]

  • November Ride = Exhaustion

    Today I finally ventured out into the cold of Colorado for my first bike ride since driving my little road racer 1,200 miles from California on the back of the Volvo. Dawning my Chinese riding pants and socks, I also made sure to put on my sleeved Mizell Racing jersey because of weather. I packed […]

  • Halloween

    Halloween weekend proves successful as a two drink holiday. This weekend was my second to last obligatory mountain drive and chalked it’s self up to be one more enjoyable Colorado adventure. Friday morning I packed my things and set out to shop for some Halloween basics, run some errands, and then arrive at Kira’s just […]

  • The Great Sand Dunes!

    This weekend we ended up visiting sand dunes in Southern Colorado. Remarkably, this was the first time I had the opportunity to think about my sand dune stats. Two Continents. Three Countries. Four States. While not huge numbers, I was impressed, and when asked if I’d ever romped in and on sand dunes before, I […]

  • Here’s Your Receipt Mr. Mizell

    Friday: Becoming an REI Member $20 in and 20% off.  Now I’m entitled to all sorts of good stuff.  Hooray! Saturday: The Pikes Peak Hike, 14,110 ft Kira and I woke up at 3:30 AM and pushed ourselves over to the lodge where the rest of our nine had gathered, shoved ourselves into the minivan, […]

  • Hoorah!

    My love has accepted my proposal and I’m Engaged! From Colorado, of course it’s not real unless you’ve got a GPS location associated with it right? COengagement

  • Colorado Racing

    The Pikes Peak Road Runner’s Fall Series. Race 1 was an introductory race to get acclimatized to the oxygen levels and the temperature of the fall in Colorado for me.  The race was 3.2-3.5 miles and the second third of the race involved running up Monument Creek, a shallow waterway filled with sand, rocks, and […]