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  • Ecuadorian Inspiration

    March 31st, 2006. A small town 15 minute bus ride south of the coastal city of Montanita, Ecuador. Jon and I duck into a sand floored restaurant for an almuerzo and are led down to the back porch of the restaurant, the Pacific Ocean. Here we are greeted by a pair of hammocks strung under […]

  • Swiss Sisters

    Okay – I know I thought I was done with it all and the next two days were going to be boring bus trips and reading books in air ports, BUT after I wrote that last entry we went for beers. It was good. Good Beer. We walked down to the popular hostel in Cuenca, […]

  • From Ecuador

    2 Days until we depart Ecuador. It seems not that long ago I was sitting on the beach in Baja California, Mexico with the Surf Club and I know it wasn´t that long ago that we were trying to convince Continental Airlines to let us on a flight out of Chicago. With our adventure almost […]

  • ¨Where are all the foreign girls?¨ – ¨You mean the ones NOT from Ecuador?..?.¨ – ¨Right.¨

    A short, yet to the point, conversation that took place in a bar. John asks the first question, Jon asks the second question.

  • Into Heaven…

    Into Heaven…

    Jon told me he was looking forward to reading this one, so now I´m nervous… After eating and sleeping and eating some more and finally going to bed for the night. Neither of us slept very well, but we slept. At nine we got down stairs for desayuno, Nescafé con leché y coco, bread, and […]

  • Cost


    After spending the day in Quito, we arrived in the northern city of Otavalo last night and did a good deal of spending today … but I’m ahead of myself…. Quito is a city.. there are taxis and rapid transit systems, one way streets and central squares, large parks and planted trees, thugs, friendly residents, […]

  • To Quito with a companion

    An Ausse WWOOFer that we had breifly met in Vilcabamba, Beq is doing an around the world trip that makes me just a little jellous, while at the same time thankful that I get to go home in two weeks. While in Cuenca Jon and I had hailed a cab in front of a café […]

  • First Pictures from Bananas.

    First Pictures from Bananas.

    The First Public View of The Jo(h)n´s in Ecuador: John Sits by Candle to Read The Economist,   …while Jon plays and sings.  

  • Finally two knobs in the shower!

    10 hours of travel and three buses over, we´re off the farm (the farthest south we shall go on this journey) and in the third largest city in Ecuador, Cuenca. After almost three weeks of lying about, gardening, hiking, and building a bridge, we´re ready for some new sites and sounds and panama hats! Back […]

  • ¨No Se Puede Mostar La Página¨

    ….our first internet cafe computer screen reads.. so we´re forced to move on, but it´s still by far the best internet cafe I´ve ever been in. Easter Day – We´re still on the farm, la finca, but Yesterday morning we started the day milking cows – a good wholesome farm activity – but caught a […]