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  • Rubber Boots and a 24 inch Machete, $11.

    We finally made plans to leave Montañita and travel onward… just as we started to get to know this this new English Girl who moved in next door. Oh well. We hopped a bus, bags up top, and got to Guayaquil. From Guayaquil Jon was in charge and we headed south to Vilcabamba – a […]

  • Phosphorescence and Weird Dreams

    After dinner we enjoyed some beach time in the spirit of REM. I hadn´t been night swimming for quite some time and forgot how difficult it is to see the swell until you have a mouth full of water and you´re upside down. The killer part of it all was the presence of happy little […]

  • WWOOFING and other Planning

    WWOOFING and other Planning Spending time online figuring out what our plans out of Montañita will be. Right now it´s a toss up between three, all in the Andes. Tina is in Charusco, Carol is in Tungurahua, and Jose is outside of Otavalo. Most of them seem to harvest similar things, though not all the […]

  • ….Arrived here in Ecuador….

    Arrived here in Ecuador and traversed customs just fine, though our bags where behind us by a few hours, at 6:00 AM on Wednesday. We spent the morning at the local University playing frisbee on their basketball court and talking to students who showed us a good place to get some breakfast. They´ve got some […]

  • Day 0

    Day 0 – We leave at 7:00 AM tomorrow (Tuesday) from Phoenix, less than 24 hours from now I’ll be on my way out of the country to a forign place with a couple of bucks, a journal and a passport, a hell of a lot of vaccines, a bosa full of some things, and […]