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  • Scot takes on The Mizells

    Several months ago Kira had arranged for her dad to come out and visit us in the Bay Area. After we’d figured out when he’d be coming out, we decided to put him to the test. Could he handle the Mizell Clan? This past weekend he took the test and passed with flying colors. Through, […]

  • England 2010

    Two and a half weeks on the English island has created quite the impression on me. Somewhat purposefully, we avoided the hub of this country, London, and pursued adventures in the South West and as far North as Edinburgh, Scotland, truly appreciating the significant cultural differences in the land of our national heritage. Starting out […]

  • Living as a Californian – Genealogy

    In seeking answers regarding roots Andrew and I spent the morning looking into our genealogy, trying to dig deeper than what we already knew from PoppaBob & Grammer Bev and Jack & Marguerite. After a few hours of guessing and checking, Andrew finally came across a scanned copy of a book by Bancroft about the […]

  • Breckenridge 2009 – a short family film

    Celebrating our 2009 New Years in Breckenridge, Colorado. Here we are. -Enjoy

  • France de Jour. Abridged, if you can imagine.

    Due to the degree of difficulty involved in typing on a touch screen while on the road, it’s been frustratingly slow to compose any regular reports regarding whereabouts and activities. However, now that I’m on a machine let me see if I can do some (a great deal of) catching up. Let me note: When […]

  • Pirates All Around

    It’s Pirate Season. Pirate-John. Safety First! Pirate-Pancho. A Fine Sailor Indeed! Pirate-Bill. Who is this chump?

  • Pancho makes me "Uncle John"

    September 30th, 15 min. before midnight, Kelly Mizell high fived the world. Now, most babies tend to be ultra ugly upon first contact, and some are just sort of ugly.. but Kelly arrived with uber mizell handsomeness right from the start. I know, it’s subtle, but he’s going to be one good bowler, you can […]

  • Departure from the Carolinas

    On the flight back to Orange County, leaving behind family in more than one way. We left a bundle of new found relatives, folks from Jamesville, North Carolina and the surrounding burbs, to get back to their daily routine in tears; any of them I’ll probably not see again unless they venture out west. We […]

  • Roots.

    Germany beat Argentina and they advance into the semifinals, Ukrane goes home. Today we put Pop in the car, got some cheese biscuts and sausage from the local BBQ joint and got a quick tour of the land of our kin in North Carolina. We drove past the Jamesville cemetary, saw some Mizells and a […]

  • Family on the Carolina Coast..

    It’s the first time I’ve been to the East Coast, it’s the first time I’ve been to North Carolina, it’s the first time I’ve meet the larger part of my Dad’s extended family. Pop, Dad’s dad, moved to California leaving his mom and three younger sisters in North Carolina. Pop regularly visits this coast and […]