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  • When ‘Pick Me Ups’ Don’t Work

    I present, from the archive and in the raw, the answer to “Why didn’t you just punch John?” …because sometimes you just need to punch something, and you understand the that there is no answer to “Why didn’t you just punch John?” Happy Thursday Everybody.

  • To Boston!

    Still a Draft! Wednesday Kira and I arrived into Boston’s Logan Airport and viola! the sun comes out. Thursday we set out on our walking tour of the city.  Around the Cambridge/Harvard area, down through MIT, past Washington Park, and across the bridge into the Back Bay.  We walked past Boston University and then down […]

  • The Week in Review

    Oh, what a week.   WELL… Sunday, I woke up to Chat with Chris – expecting a casual ‘hey-o.’ I found myself quickly back on track, as if he’d rolled into Tucson for the night and my obligatory senses kicked on.  About 3 hours later I was beyond help and neither Dan nor Becci could […]

  • Cycling on Monday

    Cycling on Monday

    Couch surfers showed up promptly in the morning, four of them.  A bit surprised, I had confidence they’d turn out to be good ones.  So far, they are.  After getting them all settled Dan and I dawned our outfits and loaded our bags.  Today we’d make another test run, this time not for time or […]

  • A Cultural Misfire

    A Cultural Misfire

    How I managed to lose 4 months of my experience in China to working instead of looking & listening. I’ve recently rejuvenated my enthusiasm for China. One month ago I could have been coaxed onto an airplane for the United States so long as you made sure my things would be handled and shipped behind […]

  • Independence Day 2009 – China

    Independence Day is over, but the celebration could not have involved a more well rounded perspective. We had planned a BBQ, not quite all-American, but darn close.  We contracted with a local ‘chuar’ guy, these are the guys who cook meat on a stick along the street, and he agreed to move it set up […]