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  • England 2010

    Two and a half weeks on the English island has created quite the impression on me. Somewhat purposefully, we avoided the hub of this country, London, and pursued adventures in the South West and as far North as Edinburgh, Scotland, truly appreciating the significant cultural differences in the land of our national heritage. Starting out […]

  • Nappa-Calistoga Ride

    The Nappa to Calistoga ride route as noted by my Garmin GPS: Note the location of our turn around is at a delicious restaurant in Calistoga called Sarafornia.  It’s on the main drag and hard to miss.  They’ll serve you a great deal of water for filling your bottles to get back on the road along with […]

  • Free GPS Maps

    Found a FREE GPS Map site – good for getting topos of any state in the US – perhaps the world?  didn’t look.  Also has roads, state and national parks, etc.  Cool, user supported site.  Hope it grows. Visit Today! http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/

  • Our Geocaching’s Own New Corner

    Have a look at our new JohnMizell.com GeoCaching Site to follow our finds and try to seek our our hides. It’s not much, but it’s there. However, I like commentary, so I may continue to post here as well.. Enjoy!

  • Geocaching – Day 2. Fer Reals!

    Geocaching! After some exploration yesterday we really took hold of this new game/hobby.  So today we got serious, loaded up the GPS with new locations, and not only found eight more easy caches (because we’re still learning) but planted our very own here in town!  We put together a cool looking, twine wrapped, film-canister with […]

  • Geocaching – First Attempts

    GC1jnam – FOUND IT! Our first geocaching experience goes, well, well! I visited www.geocaching.com, downloaded some spots (little treasure chests on my garmin) and jumped into the car. I don’t have any street maps on my machine so it was all by cardinal directions, yeah, bad ass. But once we were out of the car […]

  • November Ride = Exhaustion

    Today I finally ventured out into the cold of Colorado for my first bike ride since driving my little road racer 1,200 miles from California on the back of the Volvo. Dawning my Chinese riding pants and socks, I also made sure to put on my sleeved Mizell Racing jersey because of weather. I packed […]

  • The Route!

    I finally got the route off the gps and online!! Cycling China For the full GPS file, us this URL: http://blog.johnmizell.com/man-uploads/gpslog/2009-08-23-china.kml More so, each post now has the daily GPS route accompanying it’s text.  Soon I hope to have routes on MapMyRide too.

  • Chinese Cycling Information

    Chinese Cycling Information Plans, Links, Pictures, Updates.  A living document if you will, living vicariously through both this site and other sites which we update. The Plans Notes: This plan is being continually updated and contains our comprehensive travel plan including map links, points of interest, routes, alternate routes, contacts and hosts, and any other information […]