Geocaching – Day 2. Fer Reals!


After some exploration yesterday we really took hold of this new game/hobby.  So today we got serious, loaded up the GPS with new locations, and not only found eight more easy caches (because we’re still learning) but planted our very own here in town!  We put together a cool looking, twine wrapped, film-canister with some small sheets of paper in it, planted it deep in an urban park in Colorado Springs (just to not spoil it in writing, there are photos of it below), and registered it online at under GC22Y57, “Steps to Sinton.”

Kira inspecting a micro-geocache
Kira inspecting a micro-geocache

And of course the GPS Route:

2010 12 12 Geocache kml


Geocaching – First Attempts

GC1jnam – FOUND IT!

Our first geocaching experience goes, well, well!

I visited, downloaded some spots (little treasure chests on my garmin) and jumped into the car. I don’t have any street maps on my machine so it was all by cardinal directions, yeah, bad ass. But once we were out of the car we pointed our Garmin GPSmap 60CSx and away we went. It took Kira right to the spot. Unfortunatly, we didn’t know that you weren’t allowed to burry things, so we spent some time poking about with a stick in the mucky, snow covered grass, but eventually we just looked up and BAM! there it was. GC1jnam.