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  • “Merry Christmas From The Family” (The Christmas Duck)

    —–“Merry Christmas From The Family” (The Christmas Duck)——- Deep down in Colorado way back in the mountains beside a bubbling creek long past the the doe and buck There lives a stubborn lady a woman to be avoided a lass who could cause a ruckus where misfortune runs amuck Ten years to this Christmas day…

  • An October Contest – Dan’s Submission

  • An October Contest

    A contest was organized, the rules were clear and concise.  The deadline was October 22nd, but flexible. As stated: 3 minutes Lyrics and music Topic: cutting grass Required words: apple sauce, cuticle, & macadamian Deadline: Tuesday October 20 Here was my entry:

  • Blackbird

    Something about learning The Beatles “Blackbird” on guitar while watching the lightening and rain land on my portch at 1 AM… just waiting for this moment to arise.

  • To Quito with a companion

    An Ausse WWOOFer that we had breifly met in Vilcabamba, Beq is doing an around the world trip that makes me just a little jellous, while at the same time thankful that I get to go home in two weeks. While in Cuenca Jon and I had hailed a cab in front of a café…