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  • Hohhot Hill Ride

  • Riding Hohhot, Nei Meng, China

    Here’s to riding bikes. & in HD on YouTube

  • The Hills of Hohhot

  • Podcast: Running Hills

    A short and dizzying film running on the hills north of Hohhot, China Enjoy In HD on YouTube:

  • Podcast: A Chinese Mine

    From the Archives, I present a short story – A Chinese Mine.  A couple of waiguorens in northern China explore an abandoned mine.. obviously hilarity ensues infront of the live audience. Cheers.

  • Here’s to Fairness

    A special note on Chinese Democracy & Fairness. We produced a stellar video: http://blog.johnmizell.com/2009/03/31/recruitment For a competition that they created: http://blog.johnmizell.com/2009/05/29/vote-for-hohhot In order to develop free marketing for their school (which they still use): http://www.astonrecruiting.com/hohhot-aston.html The competition developed: *PICTURES TO COME SOON* And then we were disqualified: http://blog.johnmizell.com/2009/07/05/taking-my-leave … I’m not bitter. I’m still disappointed […]

  • When ‘Pick Me Ups’ Don’t Work

    I present, from the archive and in the raw, the answer to “Why didn’t you just punch John?” …because sometimes you just need to punch something, and you understand the that there is no answer to “Why didn’t you just punch John?” Happy Thursday Everybody.

  • Fishin’ Hohhot

    A brief film about two friends in China looking to make a difference in their community by sponsoring a children’s fishing day.

  • Aston Hohhot

    A promotional film for Aston English Schools. This film was entered into an internal competition through Aston English Schools in Across China. The film received the most votes and was unfairly disqualified. Don Juan Productions maintains that Aston English Schools owes an apology & recognition for bets promotional film submitted of 2009.

  • One Day & Chopsticks

    One Day & Chopsticks

    It’s raining.  We enjoyed our last sun set in Hohhot last night.  A bright flame of light through the emptied and deflated clouds peeking between grey wet buildings.  No sunset tonight.  Too busy packing.  My bed is half covered with the few things I will take with me this month.  In the corner is a […]