A Chinese Haircut

Here’s the story…

…It was the fifth of May, el Cinco de Mayo, and Dan had decided that he was willing to go vogue and embarked on this several hour adventure in the seat at a Chinese salon. While the pop music of the salon has been overdubbed, hopefully this short film conveys the experience well enough for anyone who would also dare give up ultimate control over their sense of style for an afternoon.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Yurtistry, with Dan and John

A short trip into the northern glasslands of China with our visitor Matt. We arrived, set up in a yurt, went out for a ‘ride’ on some horses, returned to find our things disheveled by some sheep, moved yurts, ate some dinner, wrestled some mongolians, played with some cows, chased some chickens, drank, watched the stars, went to bed, listened to the rain on canvas above our heads, woke up, drank milk, rode the motorbike to the road, caught the bus, fell asleep, and arrived back in Hohhot.

It was like going to Colorado for the day. Not a bad way to spend a night. It was quiet.

We recorded this while out and about in one of the tourist camps full of yurts. A delightful audio clip AND the first Dan & John duo interview. A truly special experience.

Plenty of photos available on Dan’s photo site. As directed to by the front page. Or through his blog.

(errors? hmmm goto: http://john.from.thecalifornias.org/Media/Yurtistry%20(louder).m4a for the file)