iLife FAILures

The fire of software irritation has been relit. This time during a test, so ultimately I didn’t smash anything or walk away and do 200 pushups, but I was reminded of what I could expect if I began working on projects again.

Today and Previously…

With iMovie:

While working on MacBook Pro, 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, with 4 GB of RAM in iMovie I am astonished to find that projects fail to save, even after being ‘shared.’ I build a project, doing footage cuts and edits, adjusting audio tracks, adding titles and effects and then depending on the situation I quit iMovie. (In some cases, I find that iMovie ceases to respond, hanging on the addition of titles, however in other cases I simply exit the program at the end of my work day) After opening the program again, within seconds or the following day, I find that the project exists but my updates have vanished. In some cases I find that titles revert to their initial text or some previous placeholder text, in other cases all edits are gone and the project is representative of some earlier state, in some cases this means there are no clips associated with the project and it appears empty.

At this point I shudder, exclaim loudly, pound my fists, massage my ears and begin again. – “breathe John”  It’s frustrating.

With iWeb:

Publishing and Layers seem to frustrate me to the max.

The publishing feature, when publishing to an FTP server, iWeb believes it owns all files within the directory and not only the files it has created, so be careful because if you upload something via your FTP client separate from iWeb and then use iWeb to ‘delete’ a iWeb site that is published to the same folder, you’ll end up deleting all files, iWeb and other that exist within that directory.  This happened when I uploaded an entire Drupal site to the same directory as contained a single page splash screen from iWeb that was no longer being used.  So if you do delete a site, be sure to erase all the FTP settings prior to changing files.

More so, in the last few weeks I’ve discovered a condition of iWeb that I have yet to resolve pertaining to their layering system.  I have three objects, image, speech bubble object, and RSS feed.  Per normal layering exercises I move the image to “the back” and the RSS feed to “the front” and I should expect the speech bubble to sit somewhere in between (as I’ve got text and other things about that are not near this mess)  However, iWeb seems to hide my RSS feed somewhere in the background on many occasions… and now as if to cause more trouble, the RSS feed is no longer readable.  Who knows.  It’s frustrating.

*RSS feed is from Twitter

With iTunes:

Podcasts don’t auto delete after being played.

Keeping my library on an external drive means that when I disconnect the drive and open iTunes, my library directory is reset and podcasts downloaded are put onto my machine.  Then when I reattach the external drive, iTunes seems to reestablish the correct library location, however the downloaded podcasts are now sitting in my smart playlists for ever as broken links.  It’s frustrating.

With Garage Band:

nada, yet…

With iPhoto:

nada, yet…

Perhaps it’s my machine, perhaps it’s my 28,000 strong iPhoto library, or my 1 TB of media.  I write this in the hope that some poor soul is also experiencing this problem and writes me a letter to inform me that I’m a damn fool for not doing X, Y, or Z. Oh please, I wish it is going to be that easy. Please, tell me it’s so!

On the Road & Website Migration.

In preparation for a month on the road I’m migrating my webposts to something which is accessible online. While I still have one month to prepare for this reality, I will be blogging from the new site in the mean time in order to break in the new system and work out all the kinks. The neat part is I’ve also migrated all of my previous blog entries, and some of the comments onto the new site (minus those found in these posts.) Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have all of these posts migrated as well, as well as the new podcast address up and working.
That new site is the root of this one. Simply
*modified from theCalifornias to
The Chair Pagoda of Hohhot

Q) Why did you move away from Blogger in the first place?
A) Blogger is unreliable in China. When we first arrived it was blocked, then it was allowed again, and now it’s blocked again. So rather than mess with email posts and frustration with media uploads I moved to the computer based iWeb platform. It worked well enough, minus a couple of SNAFUs I enjoyed using it.
Q) Why are you changing sites again?
A) As noted in the message above, I want to be able to update my site while on the road. I cannot do that using iWeb, so I must migrate to a new system.
Q) What system are you using? Where is it?
A) I’m using a server-side client called WordPress. It’s a blogging platform that is widely used and supported. While I only have about 2 weeks expierence working with it, it seems like a robust program that may in fact replace my use of iWeb in the future. However, only time will tell.
Q) How did you get to be so awesome?
A) Practice.
If you’ve got any other questions, or see an errors I don’t seem to be fixing, let me know.
(Photo: A Pagoda of Chairs I constructed as part of my children’s English lesson)