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  • Climbing Boy Scout Rocks

    Climbing Boy Scout Rocks

    We enjoyed a healthy number of climbs on the Mt. Diablo rocks. Unfortunately, I didn’t get too many photos, save this one of Andrew all dressed up to play Ultimate.

  • Coastal Stargazing

    Coastal Stargazing

    We drove up the coast and stargazed on the beach. Remarkably the skies were clear and we spotted and counted the moons of Jupiter, hunted the Andromeda Galaxy, and reviled in the massive glory of the Orion Nebula.

  • Ganish Visits

    Ganish Visits
  • The Holidays

    The Holidays
  • Massages in Yosemite

    Massages in Yosemite

    The massages were Great, they made sleeping on rocks and pine cones all the more bearable. Just before the winter snap in Sierras, we enjoyed our breakfast on the nearly dry river, hiked through the hills with the descending deer around, and practiced our rope skills on a plainly unclimbable boulder.

  • Santa Cruz One Design Santana 22 Win

    Santa Cruz One Design Santana 22 Win

    Howdy Popabob. I thought I’d share my recent race here in Santa Cruz. This Autumn, I left the team I have been racing with this last year and volunteered to work with the regatta organizers, helping them with timing, signaling and recording. A few weeks ago I got connected with a Schock Santana 22 and…

  • Sunset Whale Watching with Kira

    Sunset Whale Watching with Kira

    We enjoyed calm seas, good wind, a beautiful sunset, and quite the show of whales in Monterey Bay, just outside of Santa Cruz this evening.

  • Airborne Over The America’s Cup

    Airborne Over The America’s Cup

    Howdy Poppabob, Working with the America’s Cup has been quite an interesting adventure this month and I imagine it is only going to get more intimate as August and September see more boats, teams, and racing. Today, I arrived a bit early to my shift at the America’s Cup Pavilion where I have spent all…

  • Laser Nationals

    Laser Nationals

    Howdy PoppaBob, Saturday was my third day (of four) working with the regatta committee of the 2013 Laser National Sailing Championship, hosted by chance, here in Santa Cruz this year. As you may know and remember, lasers are a cat rigged dinghy, measuring almost 14′, sailed by youths and Olympians alike, and remembered fondly as…

  • Santa Cruz 27 Nationals

    Santa Cruz 27 Nationals

    Howdy Poppabob, Last weekend I raced with my sailing team on a Santa Cruz 27′ call ‘Hanalei.’ I’ve been sailing and racing with the owner since the end of last summer and they’ve been very welcoming and encouraging. Because I had sailed with my dad since long ago and have been chartering my own boats…