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  • Chinese Cycling Information

    Chinese Cycling Information Plans, Links, Pictures, Updates.  A living document if you will, living vicariously through both this site and other sites which we update. The Plans Notes: This plan is being continually updated and contains our comprehensive travel plan including map links, points of interest, routes, alternate routes, contacts and hosts, and any other information […]

  • Hiking Through Hohhot

    Perhaps we’re at the end of our rope, or perhaps we’ve finally found something else to hold on to in life, but Dan and I have begun and maintained a nice streak of extracurricular activities that shy away from visiting various clubs and bars and sucking down the worthless beer of China just for giggles. […]

  • Dan’s Task List

    Dan gets all the fun.. His last night in Tucson Kira sets up a dinner and a potluck of a scavenger hunt down 4th ave. Dan accepts, Dan performs, Dan cuts some corners, but we’re several drinks in and no one can figure out his magic. Dan buys the next round. Dan wins at pool […]

  • Consume Beer, That’s What I Do… But How Much?

    Beer, Consumption, and Me. After a wonderful Monday evening of eating Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies, Swiss Rolls, and Nabisco Golden Oreos and a watching three full movies, essentially doing nothing more than sitting in a chair for 5 hours eating garbage, I decided to evaluate consumption and my participation in the great American tradition. […]

  • Winter Break – Work – Train Hopping

    It’s difficult to write regularly, however, I’ve begun a couple of other blogs, more informational, so perhaps I’ll remember to write for the fun of it more often too. (though I think I write in the others for the fun of it too.) Since I last posted I’ve dropped out of school, taken a ‘leave […]