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  • Some Sailing Is Salty

    North East Harbor by daylight. Sparkling with a layer of clouds above and low visibility, hell, it was better than last night. As day opened up it cleared well. N.E. Harbor is located on Mt. Desert Island. To the east is Bar Harbor and to the west South West Harbor. The island is all apart […]

  • Sail Set

    With due timing and utmost vigilance we’re off. Set sail. Onward, upward, outward. Dan and I, enthusiastic, gawk at the sights, the smells, the lore of such a voyage. We’d anchor tonight, we’d see the land the whole way, we had no doubt this was an achievement no man had made before. Well, we had […]

  • Destination Nowhere

    Destination Nowhere

    Nowhere seemed to be the theme after I arrived in Boston. Julia and Chris put me up for the night and then went off to sail in the morning. Their last day until school started. I began to walk. I have never been to Boston. I wanted to know where they served tea, but I […]

  • Sailing in Maine (Images)

    The Boat we are on.. with the green. Views while sailing in Maine. A beautiful schooner, there are hundreds of these boats up here. A view off our bow – while under sail A look at Northeast Harbor in Maine. 8 AM, 9/6/08 Our viability while entering the harbor. about 5:30 PM The bitter fog. […]