Tag: Palapa Build

  • Tests, Happy People, and New Blogs

    First Round of tests for the semester. The reason I hate school is now. Found a very nice happy person in these last few weeks and that is a great addition to my day. The reason I like people is her. A recent move of my organ from the garage to my living room has […]

  • The Palapa

    Today I completed the palapa. In my final minutes of working on it I decited that perhaps this whole time I should have been keeping record of it’s progress. Fortunatly, I had a pretty good idea of when things took place early on, and as it progressed I took enough pictures to piece it all […]

  • … Palapa Day …

    The Palapa when I had left was well on it’s way to being complete, thus I was eager to get it done and have some substantial shade in my yard for this horrid summer heat. We had hit a snag in construction design when Asa and I left town and we had gone swimming instead […]

  • Palapa Production

    Once around the loop to see if she was standing out side and then into the parking lot. Found a cart and drove it through the doors of the lower level. I hadn’t see her for a year, so I was a little unsure, but I just shot for the best looking young lady standing […]