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  • Chinese Cycling Information

    Chinese Cycling Information Plans, Links, Pictures, Updates.  A living document if you will, living vicariously through both this site and other sites which we update. The Plans Notes: This plan is being continually updated and contains our comprehensive travel plan including map links, points of interest, routes, alternate routes, contacts and hosts, and any other information […]

  • On the Road & Website Migration.

    In preparation for a month on the road I’m migrating my webposts to something which is accessible online. While I still have one month to prepare for this reality, I will be blogging from the new site in the mean time in order to break in the new system and work out all the kinks. […]

  • Next Step

    A Letter: In the last month I have been working to secure a six-month job with Aston Schools teaching English. In the last week I was told my Chinese visa was just about secured, I bought my plane ticket, and I found out that my traveling partner was a 100% “go.” So I concluded there […]