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  • Movin on.

    and now, we’ve gone. Gone from Colorado Springs and on our way to Tucson. From there to Orange County. With our final destination by the end of next week, Berkeley, California, where we’ll finally drop our bags for a stay of more than a few months. Thanks to Colorado for the hospitality, the beautiful weather, the reasonably […]

  • Sneeky Bastards, Bikes, Broken, Birthday’s, Berkeley, & Hillsburough

    The drink was a bit bitter. My intentions were grand! Here they were: Find a vehicle in Philly (<$1000) and start driving west. Head to Ohio, meet Dan, head to Kansas, then down to Oklahoma, meet Megan, jet west, through beautiful high desert of New Mexico and drop into Tucson. See friends, ride moto bike, […]

  • May 14, 2007 – Dan, Jon, John the SLO Journey

    Jon and I said our good byes to the 5 and moved along the 405, picking up Dan from John Wayne and saying good bye to Mom. From the 405 we engaged the 101 and enjoyed the short jaunt into San Louis Obisbo. We arrived at Tyler’s ranch at about nine o’clock. The fire was […]

  • May 11 2007 – Houston… we have Surfboards.

    Our intention was to depart Tucson immediately after the exam on Friday. Perhaps this all could have been avoided had we stayed true to the plan. But drinks with Megan and lunch with Kira before a month and a half of being apart seemed like a reasonable reason for readjustment. We were out of Tucson […]

  • Camping to Vegas

    The United States played at 8 AM on Thursday. The books have been written, the United States Soccer team simply isn’t a contender for the World Cup, at least not yet. Even my all American McDonalds Egg McMuffin breakfast didn’t help them win and it certainly didn’t help me win. After the game Jon and […]

  • Santa Barbara to Tucson and back to Tucson

    Santa Barbara to Tucson Arrived into Orange County about 3 hours after leaving the parties, the drinking, the ladies.. Tyler’s. In Orange County I stopped in and loaded my car with a crate of books, a pile of clothes and a number of small things I had left home, and then back to the 5 […]

  • Berkeley to Santa Barbara

    Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Orange County, San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, Tucson, Camping, Vegas .. How’d all that happen? My departure from Berkeley was precise, except for one load of laundry still in the drier, like a well oiled machine I picked up, hauled, and unloaded another load of wood for Andrew’s basement project, exchanged the Home […]

  • …She’s Gone.

    The temperature on Friday was 111 according to a bank thermometer when we left Tucson, we estimated it at 120 as we drove, it was hot. Asa and I were soaking wet after 10 min in the car. Our stop into IKEA was a delight. The air conditioned lunch break was soon over and it […]