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  • Recent Sailing Fun

    Recent Sailing Fun

    A few glimpses as sailing fun. Lost a rudder. Replaced a rudder. Raced a few times.

  • Sailing in January

    Sailing in January

    The racing was great. I published the review on SCYC.org

  • SCYC SCORE Regatta

    Here’s a brief film from some on the water filming for the Santa Cruz Yacht Club on Sunday with a new compact ultra-short focal-length waterproof camera.

  • Sailing Texts

    Sailing Texts

    A couple of sailing books that are helpful reads. The Fast Course (89MB) The Smart Course (77MB) Performance Racing (32MB) Don’t forget to have a look at The Ashley Book of Knots too  

  • Sunset Whale Watching with Kira

    Sunset Whale Watching with Kira

    We enjoyed calm seas, good wind, a beautiful sunset, and quite the show of whales in Monterey Bay, just outside of Santa Cruz this evening.

  • Laser Nationals

    Laser Nationals

    Howdy PoppaBob, Saturday was my third day (of four) working with the regatta committee of the 2013 Laser National Sailing Championship, hosted by chance, here in Santa Cruz this year. As you may know and remember, lasers are a cat rigged dinghy, measuring almost 14′, sailed by youths and Olympians alike, and remembered fondly as…

  • Santa Cruz 27 Nationals

    Santa Cruz 27 Nationals

    Howdy Poppabob, Last weekend I raced with my sailing team on a Santa Cruz 27′ call ‘Hanalei.’ I’ve been sailing and racing with the owner since the end of last summer and they’ve been very welcoming and encouraging. Because I had sailed with my dad since long ago and have been chartering my own boats…

  • On The Pointy-End

    On The Pointy-End

    Up on the pointy end of a 4-6 man boat, my job is most often rigging, hoisting, changing, re-rigging, and dropping the for-sails, including the most common request of “SKIRT!” where after a tack, I make sure the jib is clear of the life-lines so it’ keeps the appropriate shape. Depending on the skipper and…

  • The Ashley Book of Knots

    The Ashley Book of Knots

    Clifford W. Ashley: The Ashley Book of Knots

  • Some Sailing Is Salty

    North East Harbor by daylight. Sparkling with a layer of clouds above and low visibility, hell, it was better than last night. As day opened up it cleared well. N.E. Harbor is located on Mt. Desert Island. To the east is Bar Harbor and to the west South West Harbor. The island is all apart…