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  • 2016 Santana 22 Nationals

    2016 Santana 22 Nationals

    Put forward an entry in the 2016 Santana 22 Nationals this weekend. Didn’t bring a strong showing, but had fun racing and tuning the boat up all weekend. Next time we’ll do better… probably. More about the event here.

  • MAH Race Through Time – Santa Cruz Scavenger Hunt | 2016

    MAH Race Through Time – Santa Cruz Scavenger Hunt | 2016

    In the spirit of Geocaching, The Riverside Bicycle Club suited up for the 2016 “Race Through Time” sponsored by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. We did pretty well, considering it was a last minute team & we didn’t study, nor did the team really want to ride very fast. Even still!, we…

  • Back In The Water

    Back In The Water
  • Caves & Trees

  • Caves & Trees

    Caves & Trees

    Hi PoppaBob, Last week Kira and I had a fun weekend in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains. With our friends Kate and Lee, we headed up to the UCSC campus-wonderland for some adventure… I am amazed that anyone graduates from this school… Right off the highway were two caves and a number of tree houses.…

  • Caves & Trees

  • SAR: The Forrest of Nicene Marks, Santa Cruz, CA

    SAR: The Forrest of Nicene Marks, Santa Cruz, CA

    Hi PoppaBob. Since we don’t usually get a lot of positive news from our search and rescue endeavors, I thought we’d share our morning hike with y’all which, SPOILER ALERT, ended with everyone home safe. Kira and I enjoyed a 4 AM phone call this morning for Search and Rescue which meant Kira had to…

  • Santa Cruz One Design Santana 22 Win

    Santa Cruz One Design Santana 22 Win

    Howdy Popabob. I thought I’d share my recent race here in Santa Cruz. This Autumn, I left the team I have been racing with this last year and volunteered to work with the regatta organizers, helping them with timing, signaling and recording. A few weeks ago I got connected with a Schock Santana 22 and…

  • Sunset Whale Watching with Kira

    Sunset Whale Watching with Kira

    We enjoyed calm seas, good wind, a beautiful sunset, and quite the show of whales in Monterey Bay, just outside of Santa Cruz this evening.

  • Laser Nationals

    Laser Nationals

    Howdy PoppaBob, Saturday was my third day (of four) working with the regatta committee of the 2013 Laser National Sailing Championship, hosted by chance, here in Santa Cruz this year. As you may know and remember, lasers are a cat rigged dinghy, measuring almost 14′, sailed by youths and Olympians alike, and remembered fondly as…